Athletes prepare physically to endure the physical demands of their sport. They want to become faster and stronger to beat their opponents.

Athletes also need to prepare their mental side of the game to be more resilient, withstand the pressures of the game, and be able to deal with any situation in front of them.

At Maximo Mental Performance, you will work on mental skills to elevate your game to the next level.


About Me

Fede Cisneros

Mental Performance Consultant

I am a Mental Performance Consultant (or what most people would refer to as a Sport Psychologist) passionate about helping others reach their peak performance. I provide mental skills training from an athlete's perspective, as I was and still am a competitive athlete myself.

I do most of my work with athletes, teams, and coaches.

I also do work with referees struggling with confidence and performance anxiety, as well as parents looking to understand the psychological perspectives about their kids' sports and competitiveness.


Maximo Mental Performance is based out of London, ON. However, I am able to work virtually as well as on location (travel rates may apply).

Individual sessions tailored to your specific needs.

Group work to enhance mental skills, team dynamics and cohesiveness.

Specific sport psychology topics with a general approach.

One-time group presentations for athletes, teams, coaches, and parents.