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Planning for Success

Price: CA$120 total

(2 Sessions - 1hr ea)

 Have you ever had a New Year's resolution that you didn't complete? Or set yourself a goal but never saw it all the way through? Perhaps you feel like you've set yourself a goal but it's so far away that it almost seems impossible to achieve now that you think about it?

You're not alone!


In this workshop, you will learn how to create achievable goals that will help you increase your chances for success!

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is Believing

Price: CA$240 total

(4 Sessions - 1hr ea)

You may have heard about Visualization in the past. But have you heard about Imagery?Visualization is a mental skill that is used to see yourself in your mind performing an activity. Imagery is an enhanced form of visualization in which you can create a more real scenario in your mind around that specific activity.

In this workshop, you will work on improving your Imagery skills in order to help you with skill training, emotion regulation, and increased motivation!

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